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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Remember to vote in today's primary election

Please go to the polls and vote - do your civic duty!

If you vote by mail, get your ballot to the post office. It must be postmarked today or it will not count! If you're a poll voter, you have until 8 PM in King County to weigh in. (And don't forget your identification if you're a poll voter).

Pacific Northwest Portal and the Official Blog will feature live elections coverage in partnership tonight. Coverage begins after the polls have closed.

As stilwell mentioned earlier, this is the first year that the primary has been held in August. Secretary of State Sam Reed explains the reason for the switch:
"This first August primary is a milestone for democracy because it protects our right to vote. With more time between primaries and November general elections, ballots can more easily reach military and overseas citizens across the world.

Because voting by mail is so widespread and because it increases turnout, I am hopeful more citizens will participate than normal, especially in those areas with hot races on the ballot."
NPI's endorsements for the primary election are as follows:

Democratic Ballot (King County)
For King County Prosecutor: Bill Sherman
For King County Council, 6th District: Brad Larssen (write-in)
For King County Council, 8th District: Dow Constantine

Port of Seattle
For Position #2 on the Port Commission: Gael Tarleton
For Position #5 on the Port Commission: Alec Fisken

Nonpartisan Races (King County)
Redmond Mayor: Holly Plackett
Mercer Island City Council, Position #3: Maureen Judge
Sammamish City Council, Position #4: Nancy Whitten
Seattle City Council, Position #1: Jean Godden
Seattle City Council, Position #3: Bruce Harell
Seattle City Council, Position #9: Sally Clark
Auburn City Council, Position #7: Marjorie Lynn Norman
Burien City Council, Position #4: Stephen Lamphear
Duvall City Council, Position #6: Anne Laughlin
Federal Way City Council, Position #7: Hope Elder
Issaquah City Council, Position #4: Joshua Schaer
Medina City Council, Position #2: Shawn Whitney
Milton City Council, Position #4: Darlyne Sirack
Newcastle City Council, Position #4: Sonny Putter
Shoreline City Council, Position #4: Doris McConnell
Tukwila City Council, Position #2: De Sean Quinn
Woodinville City Council, Position #2: Randy Ransom
Woodinville City Council, Position #6: Liz Aspen
Seattle School Board, Position #2: Sherry Carr
Seattle School Board, Position #6: Steve Sundquist

If you live in Snohomish County District #2, be sure to vote for Brian Sullivan for County Council. Brian is an outstanding progressive champion and a hard worker.

NPI also recommends voting "yes" on King County propositions (both local and countywide), all of which were submitted to voter pamphlets with no opposition statement, save for one fire district levy. Some propositions require a supermajority and minimum turnout to pass (this is known as the 60/40 rule).

Some election stats:
  • Secretary Reed predicts 34 percent of registered voters receiving ballots to participate, up a couple of percentage points from previous, odd-year elections.
  • There are roughly 3.3 million voters registered in the state of Washington ; more than 18,000 are military.
  • For the first time, the Office of Secretary of State has produced primary vote reminders citizens can send family and friends via email and the popular website, MySpace.
Once again, we'll be posting results and analysis here after the first numbers start rolling in this evening. See you tonight during our live coverage.

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