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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Reichert unsure on health care for kids

Looks like partial conservative Dave Reichert is having a hard time choosing between his party and health care for children. From Medill News Service at The Seattle Times web site:
If he supports the Democrat-backed bill, the Auburn Republican risks angering his party leaders whose help — and money — he needs for next year's congressional election.

If he votes against it, he could be painted as a foe of children's health care by Democratic challengers in a district that has become more Democratic over the years.


The expansion of the health-care program would be paid for in part with higher federal tobacco taxes.

The program at issue, State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), currently covers about 6 million children nationwide. It expires after September if Congress takes no action.

The House bill drafted by Democrats would renew SCHIP for five more years and increase spending to $75 billion, covering an estimated 5 million additional children.

That would be $50 billion more than the Congressional Budget Office estimates would be needed to maintain the current funding level.
Of course, Reichert isn't saying what he will do, which is about par for the course for him. (Is he still "investigating" global warming, BTW?)

Yes, it's such a tough call. Your party or health care for kids.

I wonder which one Reichert will choose?

UPDATE--8:23 PM PDT: Goldy catches the vote this evening. Reichert chose his party.

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