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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Real progress

Think Progress notices a curious quote from Brian Baird about his trip to Iraq. From The New York Times:
“That’s real progress,” Mr. Baird said, though he confessed he did not tell his wife about the region’s nickname, the triangle of death, and said the whole scene was a little surreal. “You have your flak jacket on, and your Kevlar helmet and you’re surrounded by guys with automatic weapons as you’re standing there, talking to the mayor. And you realize there’s a dusty old car next to you and you’re saying, ‘God, I hope that doesn’t blow up.’ ”
Oh boy. Not really sure what the Democrats in WA-03 did to deserve all this, but if someone knows how to take Baird's shovel away and hide it, he needs to stop digging. First rule and all that.

Just some friendly advice from a blogger who has voted for Baird every election since he first ran in 1996, even if I've never set foot in Iraq. Last time I checked American citizens were allowed to have opinions even if they are unable to travel to war zones personally. Kevlar is expensive, you know.

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