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Sunday, August 12, 2007

NPI releases formal primary endorsements for Port of Seattle races

We're already on the record in support of both of these candidates, but today we're pleased to announce formal endorsements for Alec Fisken and Gael Tarleton, who are running to ensure reform at the Port of Seattle. Our statements for each candidate (the rationale, or explanation, for our stand) can be found at this page, along with a list of other notable endorsements.

Gael and Alec are true champions for progressive, Democratic values. We have an opportunity to elect a progressive majority to the Seattle Port Commission this year and we need both Gael and Alec to win for that to happen. Your help is needed if they're going to cross the finish line first.

Please volunteer for both Alec and Gael today - and don't forget to vote for them on your primary ballot if you're a King County resident.

UPDATE: Feel free to put this button on your own blog or website. We've added it our sidebar, if you look to the right.

Vote for Alec Fisken and Gael Tarleton

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