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Monday, August 06, 2007

Now we're the angry white guys

This is funny. Kagro X, front-paging at The Great Orange Satan Blog, mocks the wingnuts:
Meanwhile, how hilarious is it that they think they're actually scoring points by smirking over stories that say the Yearly Kos gathering was mostly middle-aged white men?

Yes, I know they think they're mocking our commitment to diversity. Thank God they haven't got the presence of mind to realize that the real story is that middle-aged white men apparently now constitute the core of the "moonbat left."

Check your math, Karl.
So the way I see it, the "angry middle-aged white guys" from 1994 are now, to a large extent, old angry white guys. That's why Bill O'Reilly's median demographic is 96. So it's kind of an open question how well that sort of politics is going to play in the future. Depends.

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