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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The non-hippie point of view on Baird

If you're following the Brian Baird meltdown, I thought I would link to a couple of non-inflammatory, well reasoned objections to his stance.

Yes, many people disagree with what Baird is doing, and have managed to state their objections without resorting to personal attacks, despite what the right wing noise machine might claim.

So if you're interested in a more sophisticated analysis than "their guy said this so it must be true," then I recommend the following two posts.

At Obsidian Wings, publius's post "Think First, Speak Second" makes five very important points about the Iraq debate, one of which is "the debate is not stay or leave, the debate is stay or start leaving." Worth a click.

At Effin' Unsound, check out thehim's post "Falling for the Spin? It addresses, in detailed fashion, Baird's recent guest editorial in The Seattle Times. This post has gotten a fair amount of play, deservedly so, for its well-researched and cogent points. Very much worth one's time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go fix the yurt. Brother Diamond Mind damaged it while contemplating a better world.

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