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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Bureaucrat Left Behind

Conservatives like to pretend they're for less government, when their true stance (other than wide) is government that punishes groups and institutions they oppose. Like say, public education.

The following correction from The Columbian says more about No Child Left Behind than it does the hapless journalists trying to make sense of it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School improvement: A story on Page A1 Saturday incorrectly said the Clark County schools that did not meet the standard set by the federal No Child Left Behind law received Title I money. Those schools did not receive Title I funds and therefore are not subject to the consequences set by the federal education law. Also, the percentage of students meeting the state standard increases every three years, not every two years as was stated. Further, Cascade Middle School in the Evergreen school district met the standard; the school was confused with another school in a state database released Friday.
Heckuva job, Bushies. I'm sure teachers, parents and students will thoroughly enjoy being labeled failures, whether accurately or not, and the Byzantine rules and regulations will allow conservatives to moan about "top heavy, wasteful spending" in school districts for years to come.

Oh yes, they just want to improve education. Sometimes you have to destroy the village you know.

Next thing you know the Bush Education Department will bring in FEMA trailers and hold classes in them, and then claim the formaldehyde fumes count as a vegetable.

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