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Friday, August 24, 2007

More scary than funny

I rarely post regarding letters to the editor. They're often horrendously repetitive and not worth the bother.

But given that it's one week since Brian Baird caused a tremendous uproar with this comments about Iraq, this letter is too good to skip.
Brian Baird, our Democratic congressman, is my hero. He voted, four years ago, against the resolution to authorize George Bush to invade Iraq. Not many legislators had that foresight.

He's also a funny guy. His fellow Democrats voted him the best comedy act in the House. Man, you should see his Rumsfeld impersonation; his Dick Cheney impression is a riot; and he'll kill you with his George Bush act.

Actually, I find it more frightening lately, than amusing. It is an act, isn't it, Congressman?

John Ginder
We're all waiting to find that out, Mr. Ginder. The ball is pretty much in Baird's court at this point.

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