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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The McKay brothers react to Gonzales resignation

David Bowermaster at The Seattle Times has this reaction piece regarding the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. It features comments from both Mike McKay and John McKay. Area readers will recall John McKay was the US attorney for Western Washington who was canned by the Gonzales Justice Department.
My initial reaction was, 'It's about time,' " Mike McKay said after Gonzales announced he would leave his post Sept. 17.

"If you simply accept as fact what [Gonzales] has said, that he was not in the loop in connection with the firing of the U.S. attorneys," McKay said, "that is a dereliction of duty and he should have resigned as soon as that became known."

The controversy centered on whether the firings were tied to political motivations instead of performance.

John McKay echoed his brother's sentiments and said Gonzales' departure should make life easier for his former crime-fighting colleagues.
At the end of the article, statements attributed to Mike McKay indicate he still hopes to find out exactly why his brother was fired. I think we all hope that, because you can't have a criminal justice system that is used for partisan political purposes.

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