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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Live from Not at Yearly Kos: Streaming video will have to do

So our Executive Director, Mr. Villeneuve, said those of us holding down the fort back here in the northwest could watch some of the Yearly Kos convention after the carpets at NPI Tower were cleaned.

So it took me to 3 am, but yeah, I just returned the Rug Doctor.

Since today is the big presidential candidate day at the convention, I checked C-SPAN's schedule and can find no mention of Yearly Kos. To be fair, I will note that the House is unexpectedly in session, so that could have something to do with it. I suppose it's likely a lot of the convention will be shown on tape delay. If I'm not mistaken, C-SPAN managed to show Anne Coulter hurling epithets live at the CPAC Conference. Funny how this always comes out, huh?

Well, there's always streaming video, which you'll notice can be quickly obtained by clicking on the big "Ustream" button at the end of one of Mr. Villeneuve's posts. For example, see here.

Personal to Mr. Villeneuve: the dry cleaners was closed this morning. Sorry, you'll have to pick up the Italian suit that Mr. Soros gave you when you return.

I notice they've added a couple of niceties to the streaming video feed, like some jazz music between "shows" and a countdown clock. According to the graphics on it right now, coming up soon should be Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE 10:16 AM PDT: (Streaming video will not do, after all.) I swear, the feed was working fine during the "Rebuilding New Orleans" forum about a half an hour ago. Perhaps demand has overloaded the hamsters, but about the time Hillary Clinton was supposed to appear the feed went "off-air." A shame, but maybe it will clear up.

UPDATE 2 10:29 AM PDT: (Go figure) Hillary appears by going to the main page.

UPDATE 3 10:58 AM PDT: Now the main page has switched to some talk radio host somewhere. So hopefully the Yearly Kos feed will hold up for the presidential forum, which is supposed to start in a few minutes. Whew! We should just buy some cable networks, really.

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