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Friday, August 03, 2007

Live from Chicago: General Clark introduced

General Wesley Clark is our featured keynote speaker this morning, and he is delivering a solemn address on the importance and necessity of getting out of Iraq, improving our nation's healthcare system, and replacing George W. Bush with a progressive leader. Clark noted that American interests or concerns in the Middle East cannot be ignored in the creation of a withdrawal strategy.

He drew loud applause when he praised American troops for faithfully serving their county and doing their best to carry out a failed policy that George W. Bush and Republicans like Dave Reichert stubbornly cling to.

"It's time to engage. The Bush administration says we don't have enough leverage. We're the most powerful nation in the world...Let's give our troops the kind of diplomatic support they need."

Warning against a potential military conflict with Iran, Clark said:

"I'm not saying Iran is a serious problem...but remember the rule: the use of force is only, only, only as a last, last resort."

Clark then became more forceful later in his speech as he shouted:

I want you to say, MR. PRESIDENT, STOP HIDING BEHIND DAVE PETRAEUS. Come out and defend your own strategy!"

(Naturally, this comment was met with a standing ovation).

"Our country needs innovation...Our roads need repair [referencing the tragedy in Minneapolis earlier this week]. And there's a long list of things we need to do for our country and the world that we can't do until we get out of Iraq...I'm looking to you...this put the intelligence in U.S. foreign policy. Help put the intelligence in this debate."

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