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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Markos on Meet the Press tomorrow

Our Orange Overlord Markos will be on Meet the Press tomorrow, along with DLC-crat Harold Ford, Jr.. (There are others, of course. What, your clicking finger broken? Don't come waggling at me when you get carpal tunnel.)

KING-TV in Seattle has it listed for 6 AM.

KGW-TV in Portland does not appear to have it scheduled at all. But you might be able to pick up a knife that slices over-ripe tomatoes or some other cool "paid programming" product.

Question: Why did the Flowbee people stop advertising? And does it do anything besides 1970's style haircuts? Will it do a crew cut? Does it hurt?

Anyhow, you might as well watch television in the morning, it's not like you're going anywhere, at least in Seattle.

Talk amongst yourselves.

UPDATE 8:50 AM PDT Sunday -- KGW in Portland just ran a teaser for MTP that makes me think it will, in fact, air in Portland at 9 AM.

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