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Monday, August 06, 2007

It's just you, Alberto and Karl

Of course, concerns about FISA are overblown because this administration would never actually abuse its power (cough cough cough.)

From Firedoglake:
So you can be involved in totally innocent calls or e-mails with a friend or your cousin in London, and the government can spy on your communications without a warrant, without your knowledge and without the knolwedge or approval of the FISA court. You can’t get access to what they learned or what they did with that information. All you’ll know is that you or your friend/cousin/kid/colleague can’t get on a plane. Or someone disappears. Oh, and as a result of the 6th Circuit Court overturning a District Court’s ruling that the original TSP was unconstitutional, you don’t have standing to challenge this wholesale evisceration of the 4th Amendment. No court review; just Alberto and Rove.

Bear in mind that every time you open up the comments section of Firedoglake, you are in communication with other readers in other countries. Facebook is now a venue for spying. Or maybe your kids are traveling in Europe and want to call or e-mail home. Or you order something from a Danish firm. Would you trust Alberto Gonzales to decide whether spying on you was reasonable, knowing he never had to be accountable to anyone? Do you trust Karl Rove to deal with the information they gather?
FISA, indeed, sucks.

My crystal ball has been wiretapped, so I'm not going to use it, but this presents something of a serious challenge for Pelosi and Reid. Someone better get that impeachment machine going, at least on Gonzales.

Funny thing about my rights (and yours.) They belong to us, and they aren't eliminated because George W. Bush or Alberto Gonzales or some idiot Blue Sheep Democrat thinks they are eliminated. Our rights were endowed to us by our Creator, and are unalienable.

Or so I read somewhere. Those crazy Islamo-Founding-Fathers anyhow.

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