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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hank Aaron was a great ballplayer

The Sporting News archives have a nice 1999 interview with Hank Aaron, in case you're interested. You know, just because.
Aaron: When I was in a ballpark, I felt there was nothing that could bother me. I felt safe. I felt like I was surrounded by angels and I had God's hand on my shoulder. I didn't feel like anything could bother me. When I hit that home run, I had no reason to think that those kids were out there to do bodily harm. First of all, (if they tried anything) they would have been a dime short and a nickel late. It was over with. I thought they were out there to have some fun.
Aaron endured all sorts of threats and hate mail during his run. There may be some other sports new tonight, but I'm not linking to it. Maybe they'll invent a special asterisk symbol for steroids someday.

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