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Monday, August 20, 2007

From the Dept. of Vague

This little blurb caught my eye:
The Seattle Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Washington Joint Analytical Center are asking for the public’s help identifying two individuals who have been seen aboard Washington state ferries on several occasions.

According to authorities, the two men have exhibited unusual behavior while aboard the ferries.

Numerous passengers have reported the strange behavior.
Naturally, we all want our borders and ferries to be safe. And alert law enforcement officials and even concerned citizens can help.

But could we at least be a little more specific? What was the nature of the "unusual behavior?" Were they having cocktails before noon, or were they standing there with a manual containing diagrams of high explosives, or what?

There was a lady at Target yesterday who was acting truly weird. She kept telling the clerk which department her items came from, as in "grocery, grocery, cosmetics, sporting goods, apparel..." She would have been a great elevator operator back in the day.

Define "unusual." Please.

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