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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First look at the King County returns

King County Elections seems to be on the top of their game tonight, with the first returns being posted at about the announced time of 8:15 PM.

So we have plenty of numbers to pour over.

In the race for King County prosecutor, Bill Sherman has a huge lead over Keith Scully, 61% to 37%. Bill (who received our endorsement) appears headed for victory; our congratulations to him on a well run primary campaign.

In the Port Commission races, Gael Tarleton is making a powerful showing, besting incumbent Bob Edwards 31% to 28%. That is a very impressive showing for a first time candidate. Gael's other rivals are far behind, and it appears that it will be Tarleton vs. Edwards in the general election.

Alec Fisken is also doing well. He has a healthy 41% of the vote - we'd like it to be higher, but it's not bad considering there are four candidates in the race. Fisken's well funded challenger Bill Bryant has 31% of the vote.

The Redmond mayoral contest is a disappointment so far, with Holly Plackett trailing her two rivals and risking potential elimination.

Venus Velazquez is leading the pack in the race for Seattle City Council Position #3 with 40%. Bruce Harrell has second place with 26%.

Both parks levies are well above the simple majority threshold. Proposition 1 nearly has a supermajority of 60%, which is a good sign.

Brad Larssen's write in candidacy isn't doing well in this first batch of all mail ballots. Richard Pope has racked up 84% of the vote so far. Brad only has 15%. Hopefully his numbers will improve. A write in candidacy is almost always a long shot. We're grateful to Brad for trying, but this situation can't happen again.

Pacific Northwest Portal has numbers up on the front page as well as a breaking news ticker with major headlines. Check that out if you'e hungry for more results.

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