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Friday, August 24, 2007

The eyes of a netroots nation are on WA-08 and Darcy Burner

With George W. Bush due in Bellevue less than a hundred hours from this evening, the eyes of a netroots nation are focused on Washington's 8th District and Darcy Burner as the local and national communities unite to Burn Bush.

Markos and Joan have put the campaign front and center all day. MyDD, Atrios, Firedoglake, OpenLeft have all chimed in. Nick Beaudrot has posted at Ezra Klein. We've blogged in support of Darcy here. So have David at HorsesAss, Dan at On The Road to 2008, Darryl at Hominid Views, and Jimmy at McCranium.

$38,298 has already been raised in the campaign, with a total goal of $100,000 to offset the amount of money that Bush will raise at Reichert's side this coming Monday. Already we're more than one third of the way towards our goal, but now is no time for the momentum to slow.

Please donate - and donate as generously as you can - today.

Vote with your dollars and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your money will help elect a progressive champion to the United States House of Representatives. A courageous leader who will stand up to Republican attacks. A fighter who won't cave to right wing pressure and isn't afraid of her values.

Demonstrate your commitment to a progressive Democratic majority by giving Darcy whatever contribution you can afford to give today.

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