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Monday, August 27, 2007

Darcy Burner virtual town hall begins

Joan McCarter has kicked off Darcy Burner's groundbreaking online forum focusing on ending the Iraq occupation. You can watch the forum, which is being streamed live, at Darcy's website. I'm blogging from the panel, which is maybe ten feet away from me, at the Bellevue Westin, but because the connection is slow I will only be updating this post sporadically if at all.

UPDATE: The P-I has a really good story about the Bush visit, with a recap of the netroots community's involvement and an interview with Darcy.

UPDATE II: Darcy announced, as she closed the forum, that she has asked General Eaton to chair a task force to develop a exit strategy for leaving Iraq, and that he agreed. This is what the citizens of the 8th District can expect from Darcy Burner: real leadership, not adherence to the right wing agenda and the horribly misguided policies of the Bush administration.

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