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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bush to Bellevue, if it exists

George W. Bush is coming to the state to bail out Dave Reichert next week.
An e-mailed invitation says the event includes a VIP reception costing $10,000 and a general reception costing $1,000.

Reichert's office declined to provide further information, referring callers to the White House, which also declined to provide further details. A spokesman for the Washington State Republican Party also declined to comment.

Democrats said the Republicans' reluctance to speak indicated embarrassment at hosting the president, whose approval rating in the state is dismal.
Later, a White House spokesmodel seemed to cast doubt about the very existence of Bellevue, noting that "operational security" requires that suburban locations be considered "theoretical" until after events are completed.

That way, the spokesmodel explained, security staff can swiftly trundle the large chests containing fat cat gold bullion to waiting SUV's for their trips to undisclosed locations. Then he went "psyche!" and admitted it was just because they are embarrassed.

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