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Monday, August 06, 2007

Burner interview up at Postman's

David Postman has an interview with Darcy Burner up at Postman on Politics. Worth a read if you get the chance. For example, Postman writes in a transition paragraph:
Talking about being motivated to run for her son's sake rather than just to boot out Reichert and take a poke at the president is one way Burner will personalize her race. She also has very personal anecdotes at the ready that she hopes shows that the major issues of the day are not abstractions.
You don't have to be a political consultant to realize Burner was defined last time with the "just a Bush-hater" label. It's not true, but breaking out of those things can be difficult. Such is the game.

My other absolutely unsolicited and free comment about the Burner campaign is that they really have to hit back hard when the GOP and the Reichert campaign try again to paint her as unqualified. Because the idea that a woman of her achievement and ideas is somehow not qualified to be in Congress is, well, not only sexist on its face but insulting to all regular citizens. The repeated disparagement of her work career at Microsoft and, even worse, her motherhood, is asinine. Again, part of the game I guess.

So rather than "Darcy Burner 2.0," as Postman jokes in his post, maybe it should be "Professional Mom in Tennis Shoes 2.0."

Or something. I'll leave that part to the consultants, but it seems pretty clear in truth that she's running as Darcy Burner. More than good enough for this organization, I'm sure.

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