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Friday, August 24, 2007

Another round of votes are in, and the good trends keep getting better

King County Elections has issued its final report for this week after tabulating 31,309 ballots today, all of them absentee. 192,840 mail in ballots have been tabulated to date. And once again, the numbers are good news for progressives.

Bill Sherman is now at 64% of the vote in the Democratic contest for prosecutor, having improved several points since election night. Brad Larssen's write in candidacy, while nowhere close to victory, continues to pick up steam, jumping to 24% today. That's actually pretty impressive for a write in.

Over in the 8th County Council District, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson has only managed 7.8% of the vote - and his name was on the ballot, unlike Brad's. But perhaps Nelson's truly awful performance speaks to Councilmember Dow Constantine's popularity. Still, voters saw Goodspaceguy Nelson's name, whereas nobody in the 6th found Brad's name on their ballot.

The real story today, though, is the incredible durability of the trends in the Port races. Both Alec Fisken and Gael Tarleton crossed new thresholds today - Fisken is now at 46% and Gael is now at 33% - one point higher than yesterday for each candidate. Their opponents remain at 28% (Bob Edwards) and 29% (Bill Bryant), respectively.

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