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Monday, August 20, 2007

And now a word about the insurance industry

The Olympian takes a look at insurance money flowing into the state to impact Ref. 67.
New data on file with the state Public Disclosure Commission shows that the insurer-backed Consumers Against Higher Insurance Rates committee has raised $4.78 million for its no-on-Ref. 67 effort. The same group had collected signatures forcing the Legislature’s action onto the Nov. 6 ballot.

Of the donations, more than two-thirds, or roughly $3.4 million, comes from out of state, led by the $1.6 million given by Bloomington, Ill.-based State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., according to an Olympian analysis of data filed with the PDC.
Who could have seen this coming? It's not like our ballot process has been completely hijacked by charlatans and corporations or anything.

I've got one word for anyone stupid enough to believe the insurance industry and their spokesmodels:


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