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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amazing trends in Port races

Just when we thought Alec Fisken's rise in the primary election returns couldn't possibly get any higher, it did. After King County Elections tabulated just 3,834 mail ballots today, Alec's percentage of the vote stood at an even 47% - yet a new threshold for the progressive, reform minded commissioner.

On primary election night, Alec's share of the vote hovered between 40% and 41%. Remarkably, it has climbed about seven percentage points since then, indicating that Fisken's move to shift his campaign into high gear earlier this month paid off handsomely. He should keep reaching out to voters.

This is the year we can take back the Port of Seattle and elect a progressive majority to the Commission. With your help, we'll return Alec to continue his public service and send him and Lloyd Hara a new commissioner to work with: Gael Tarleton, who now stands at 33.52% after new tallies were posted this afternoon.

It's been delightful watching both of them climb with each round of ballots counted.

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