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Friday, August 03, 2007

Always a Chinese recall

Fresh on the heels of a massive toy recall over lead paint concerns comes another safety recall of products made in China. From the P-I:
The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Raleigh bicycle company of Kent are recalling some bikes because the forks can break. Three injuries have been reported. The recall involves 1,200 of the 2007 Raleigh Cadent bicycles with Carbonage carbon forks.

The state attorney general's office says more than 1,600 defective Chinese-made tires were sold in Union Gap and Spokane. The SUV, truck and van tires were sold under the brand names Compass, Westlake and YKS.

The tires were imported and distributed nationwide by New Jersey-based Foreign Tire Sales. They have been recalled because threads may fall apart.
This is becoming ridiculous. Not only did we engage in a race to the economic bottom thanks to price pressure applied by unethical corporations like Wal-Mart that forced manufacturing to China, our health and safety is continually threatened thanks to the authoritarian capitalist regime there.

But man, if you don't shop at Wal-Mart to buy your cheap Chinese plastic crud, you're nuts! If the stuff is going to poison or maim you, you might as well save a buck. That way you'll have more money to pay for the health care you'll need because you don't have insurance.

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