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Monday, July 23, 2007

Still not ready to make debate

For the record, I don't care about a debate some 15 months before the election. And I really don't care if alleged citizen questions are screened and delivered by an internet video service. From ABC:
Candidates, too, are embracing the medium. A number of candidates have provided viewers with clips from town hall meetings. Sen. Hillary Clinton even filmed an Internet video, spoofing "The Sopranos" final TV episode. It was shot in a diner and featured her husband, Bill, and fried onion rings.

In Monday night's debate, the Democratic candidates will answer questions up-loaded from actual voters onto the YouTube Web site. Some of them are silly, such as a woman in a bathrobe singing a plea to the candidates to do something about telephone call center outsourcing.
Whatever. I need sunscreen and ice tea, and I'll need it next summer as well.

My complaint has nothing at all to do with partisanship. Presidential campaigns are absurdly long. Regular people may care, but they aren't going to live this campaign for 24 months or whatever.

So everyone enjoy the debate, I'll be mowing the lawn. It's all so predictable and meaningless. Personally, I prefer a light trim around the ears with some mousse and a light spritzing of spray...

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