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Monday, July 30, 2007

Snippets from the O'Reilly tirade against Daily Kos and the YearlyKos Convention

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

- Mahatma Ghandi

If you were too busy taking care of your family, or working late on the job, or trying to take advantage of the nice weather, or even taking out the trash and cleaning the cat litter box, you probably missed Bill O'Reilly's temper tantrum broadcast over the Fox Noise Channel earlier tonight.

But if you had some time to kill while you were packing for YearlyKos, like we did, then you eagerly tuned in, just this one time, to witness the promised hysterics you were sure would unfold, right in front of your eyes.

We did more than watch, though. As O'Reilly spoke, we typed - and captured the rancor that gushed from his bloviating mouth.

All of the comments excerpted below refer to either Daily Kos, the YearlyKos Convention, or the Democratic Party leadership (congressional officeholders or presidential candidates). O'Reilly's words have been parsed and stripped down to make his harsh language clear.

Here, without the filler, is what Mr. Falafel, and his esteemed guests, have to say about us, our community, and our party:

O’Reilly: That hate site...intimidating the Democrats...far left bloggers...frightening most of the presidential candidates...the lead intimidators are MoveOn, Media Matters, and the vicious Daily Kos...these people savagely attack those who they disagree...smear targets....beyond shameful...very might want to change the channel...haters these Kos people political candidate should ever legitimize them...disgraceful exhibition...loons in the Senate...hate site...associating with haters...damage all the Democrats who show up at this Kos convention...most vile picture imaginable...

Lanny Davis: It’s disgusting...repulsed by it...a group of haters...a lot of these creeps don’t tell us who they are...

O’Reilly: this smear merchant [Markos], is inconsequential...he’s insignificant ...this website has intimidated the entire Democratic field with the exception of Joseph Biden...they are afraid of the DailyKos and MoveOn...we have been giving you, on a daily basis, the most vile based stuff....nothing different than the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan do...this is a disaster...these terrible people....

Former RNC spokeswoman Genevieve Wood: The American people is not where the Kos Convention is...

O’Reilly: They’re afraid of them...they’re afraid...they don’t want to get smeared by them...afraid of a website, how are they going to deal with al-Qaeda...

Lanny Davis: I would like to see....every single Democratic candidate denouncing this kind of hate filled rhetoric...

O’Reilly: It’s a hate’s a hate group...hey look, there was some good stuff on the Nazi know, give to the kids, give to the Aryan kids...come on, it’s a hate site! You know it! You wrote about it, Lanny! And now you’re chickening out!

Lanny: There’s been a lot of stuff leveled at me on the Daily Kos that was filled with hate...

Former RNC spokeswoman Genevieve Wood: We should not give them credibility by giving them top billing,..who you hang out, who you associate with, does say something about your character...

Later in the show....Mondays with Michelle & Kirsten....

O’Reilly: Far left intimidation tactics...aren’t you embarrassed...

Kirsten Powers [Democratic strategist, speaking from Nashville, Tennessee): No, we’re not as concerned with Daily Kos as you are, Bill.

O’Reilly: So all the hateful stuff on the website... lend credibility to a site that’s got these vile cartoons... the latest is they want me to choke to death...we just got off hate speech with Michelle....this is hate speech...that’s what they traffic in, everybody knows it...

Michelle Malkin: Look, the Kos site is a sewer from top to starts with Kos, it goes through all of the diarists, many of them who are featured... these are ones who are handpicked as featured diarists...
Now, for your reading pleasure, we present a breakdown of the rhetoric used by Billo and his cohorts Michelle Malkin, Genevieve Wood, and Lanny Davis.

Scorecard: Venomometer
Key negative words used in the broadcast, sorted by number of instances
  • Ku Klux Klan: Used once
  • Frightening: Used once
  • Vicious: Used once
  • Savagely: Used once
  • Shameful: Used once
  • Disgraceful: Used once
  • Disaster: Used once
  • Terrible: Used once
  • Sewer: Used once
  • Disgusting: Used once
  • Loons: Used once
  • Damage: Used once
  • Creeps: Used once
  • Inconsequential: Used once
  • Insignificant: Used once
  • Nazis: Used twice
  • Vile: Used three times
  • Smear: Used three times
  • Intimidation: Used four times
  • Afraid: Used four times
But the winner? The world hate, used eleven times during the broadcast.

If Bill O'Reilly is so opposed to hate speech, why does he engage in it? Why does he defame and libel those he disagrees with? Because he wants to believe that his own thoughts and emotions are really not his, but rather, those of an entire community of Americans who happen to disagree with his twisted political worldview?

He had the gall to claim, during his broadcast, that "nobody pays attention" to "the right wing websites". "They don't go there, the Republican Party," O'Reilly insisted. Oh really? No Republicans visit FreeRepublic, or Little Green Footballs, or Powerline, or any of the other major right wing websites? Who does, then? Zombies?

Ironically, he then had right wing blogger Michelle Malkin on later in the program, giving her a chance to join the invective assault on Daily Kos. Does he expect us to believe that "nobody pays attention" to her? She's right wing, and not only is she online, but she is also on FOX, and on Bill's show, which is most certainly watched by the leaders, operatives, and candidates in the Republican Party.

O'Reilly's hypocrisy is so massively huge that it can only be compared to one other thing on Earth...his gargantuan, engorged (don't go there!) ego.

We are approaching a turning point.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

The growth of the netroots movement has been incredible. YearlyKos 2007 will be a demonstration of how strong and diverse this community has become as it has emerged into one of the most powerful political forces in America.

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