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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Romney holding "Obama, Osama" sign in photo has a set of two photos of Mitt Romney standing next to a woman holding a sign in South Carolina that says, "No to Obama Osama and Chelsea's Moma (sic.)" In the second photo Romney is actually holding the sign.

I can appreciate the fact that candidates have to deal with all sorts of weirdos, cretins and poorly educated people who cannot spell simple words, especially on the GOP side, but that's pretty low. That's what passes for wit in South Carolina Republican circles I guess, which reveals the dangers of watching cars drive in a circle for hours in 100 degree heat.

(Liberal elitist alert! Yes, South Carolina Republicans, this incident confirms that I am better than you, especially at spelling. Now stop looking at this blog, you've been trying to decipher this post for over an hour. "Decipher," look it up in the dictionary. Oh never mind, it's propping up the washing machine on the porch anyhow.)

Imagine the press reaction if one of us went to a Romney event with a sign that disparaged the history of polygamy among Mormons. You'd be lucky not to be run over by the satellite trucks.

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