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Monday, July 16, 2007

Live in the 6th County Council District? Vote for Brad Larssen this August

Thanks to Republican perennial candidate Richard Pope's last minute filing as a Democrat in the 6th King County Council District race, no true Democrat will be listed on the primary ballot this August. That's why longtime Democrat Brad Larssen, of NPI's home 45th legislative district, is mounting a write in campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Brad has already been endorsed by the 32nd, 34th, and 45th LD Democrats, the King County Democratic Central Committee, the Washington State Democrats Labor Caucus and the Carpenters (Locals 131 and 470).

Brad believes in the values we as progressives all care about. He'll work to protect and enhance our public services at the county level, including first responders and recreational facilities. He'll be a voice for maintaining and strengthening our transportation infrastructure, especially light rail and mass transit projects.

We can count on Brad to support smart growth policies and affordable housing for lower income residents. Brad stands for equality, opportunity, and prosperity.

His website has a visual depicting the instructions for writing in his name on the August 21st ballot. We urge you to visit Brad's website, and ask that you cast your vote for him if you live in the 6th County Council District. It's critically important that we send a real Democrat up against Jane Hague this November - not a shady character who keeps unsuccessfully running for office year after year.

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