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Friday, July 20, 2007

Breasts -- the new sharks

Well, at least we've moved on from hairstyles to cleavage. Miss Laura at Daily Kos fills us in on the "boobs at The Washington Post:"
This story is so inappropriate on so many levels my mind can't stretch to encompass them all. The notion that the outfit the Post pictures Clinton wearing was worthy of a single sentence is a sign of the idiocy of the traditional media. The story that resulted from that notion is unconscionable and appalling, piling paragraph after paragraph onto the added burden women in the public eye already face.
You know, I really like Miss Laura's work at Dkos, but she really shouldn't, er, get her panties in such a bunch. So to speak.

Miss Laura clearly doesn't understand about the secret fantasy shared by every male conservative, brought to light in 1993 by the now-defunct Spy magazine. Click here to view that cover, and if you're a conservative, just look away, you can't handle it.

Meanwhile, Senator Clinton (oh yeah, she's in the Senate!) is fighting back after being attacked by Pentagon officials for making reasonable requests for information in the course of her duties as an elected official. From MSNBC:
The latest in the controversy over that Pentagon letter to Hillary Clinton... Clinton and John Kerry held a conference call with reporters this afternoon to announce legislation that requires the Pentagon to brief -- classified if necessary -- the Congress with contingency plans for redeploying troops from Iraq. Clinton said she was forced to draw up the legislation because she felt the issue was being politicized instead of receiving the answers from Secretary Gates she felt she deserved. In fact, she called Under Secretary of Defense Eric Edelman's response in the letter "offensive and totally inappropriate."

"I sent a serious letter on a matter of national security to the Secretary of Defense, and in return received a political response," she said. "I wrote yesterday to Secretary Gates renewing my call on the Bush Administration to immediately provide a redeployment strategy that will keep our brave men and women safe as they leave Iraq -- instead of adhering to a political strategy to attack those of us like Senator Kerry and myself who rightfully question their competence and preparedness after years of mistakes and misjudgments."
Why, the nerve of that woman. She should soften her image, maybe wear something more feminine. Oh, yeah, um, never mind.

Clinton rules, people, Clinton rules. You knew the '90's were the best time of your life, but you didn't know they were the rest of your life, did you?

Any day now they'll drag old Ken Starr back from California or wherever he went and we can start back where we left off. Someone call Newt and Sam Donaldson and it'll be a regular reunion.

This time around, I'm buying Apple at $9.25, I swear.

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