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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Talentless Beck may get WaPo radio show

So what I don't get is this: if the traditional media game is all about the money, which means in broadcast it's all about the ratings, why on earth would The Washington Post radio division be thinking about hiring right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck?
As Beck has gained a greater audience, more and more people are turning him off.

In January 2006, CNN Headline News also wanted to increase its ratings and brought on Beck because of his “incredibly entertaining personality.” But since that time, his ratings have plummeted. Chris Achorn at My Two Sense noted that at the end of May, Beck’s numbers “were LOWER then a year ago when he was just starting.” His viewership continues to be one of the lowest on cable news...
The more people listen to Beck, the less they tend to like him, or so it appears.

So how do we explain why the guy not only still has a job but may get another one?Traditional media types will sometimes lament how little bloggers understand about their rough and tumble business, but there are too many talentless conservatives given platforms to believe these are all business decisions.

The only plausible explanation for the continued existence of the Glenn Beck show is that there are people in suits on upper floors that want him on the air, and are willing to engage in wingnut welfare to keep his show alive.

The free market rules!

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