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Friday, June 01, 2007

The plot sickens

Tim Griffin resigned today.

So what, you say. Just another in a long list of neoCons in the train of Republican corruption headed over the cliff.

Well, this gets interesting.

Tim Griffin--a US Attorney--is Karl Rove's protege. A young Anakin Skywalker who hasn't quite been fitted with the black helmet yet. Smeagle before he takes up eating raw fish and tracking Hobbits.

Mr. Griffin resigned on the heels of some actual investigative journalism executed by one of the handful remaining in America. Ironically, he works for the BBC, but lives in New York. I'm talking about Greg Palast, of course.

Seems that Congressman John Conyers actually bothered to read Armed Madhouse, and following that bit of enlightenment, wanted to make sure Palast wasn't simply making stuff up concerning caging lists and how hundreds of thousands of votes weren't really stolen in the '04 elections, but prevented.

Unfortunately, he wasn't making anything up.

Equally unfortunate: You won't see anything like this today in American corporate press. This CNN story is fairly typical. The official word from Griffin is that he's pursuing “opportunities in the private sector.”

As this whole US attorney scandal unfolds, it will become clearer to even the most casual news observer—no matter how much the corporate media here in the US tries to hide it—that Karl Rove's vision of securing a “permanent Republican majority” involves more than smear tactics and lies and manipulating the Evangelical Right. It involves not only rigging elections, but stacking the court system in case they get caught doing it. And you can't stack a system without loyal Bushies.

Samson, Comey Goodling, and now Griffin. How many more dominoes have to fall before CNN and company acknowledge there's something bigger going on than questionable hiring and firing practices?

Gee, Tim, it's just that crazy conspiracy nut Greg Palast and that old Congressman Conyers that nobody listens to. What's got ya so nervous that you'd actually run away?

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