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Friday, June 08, 2007

Night at the Creation Museum

Via Daily Kos front-page Devilstower comes a hoot of an article from a tech site that went on a "field trip" to the new Creation Museum in Kentucky:
As you walk through the museum, the contorted reasoning to explain the formation of the Grand Canyon in hours or the rapid creation of thousands of breeds of dogs in a matter of weeks is augmented by what can only be described as a house of horrors about the dangers of abortion and drugs and the devil's music. A wall is covered in articles from newspapers and magazines showing what happens when society lives without the museum's brand of fundamentalist Christianity as its guiding light. Stem cell research, abortion, and homosexuality are center stage. Their representation of the modern world consists of a a seedy-looking alley, replete with rats, trash, and a church being demolished. It might have worked better if they'd set it to Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones, but I'm not sure Mick and boys would have gone for that.
I've often complained about the funhouse institutions on the right, but this place sounds like an actual hall of mirrors.

Plus I'm jealous, because by all rights the Creation Museum should be in Seattle, right next to the Discovery Institute. As Carl (blogging at HA) noted yesterday, Seattle's own funhouse institution has a new "textbook" out that is apparently a laugh a minute.

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