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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Conserva-nativism jumps the shark

The noise machine is devouring its own:
McCain, who acknowledges that his outspoken support for overhauling immigration laws is complicating his presidential campaign, relayed a story about attending a recent fund-raiser where protesters were standing outside holding signs that declared: "McCain -- traitor."

"I'm a pretty tough guy, and I'm not asking for any sympathy," said McCain, a former Navy combat pilot who spent five years as a prisoner of war after his plane was shot down in Vietnam. But, he added, "you see something like that and you think, 'Wow, what would make these women . . . think I'm a traitor?' "

He also said the nature of the debate over immigration reflected the "deterioration of the political discourse in America today."

"It disappoints me so much," he said.
Okay, so not many of us on the progressive side are going to feel much sympathy for McCain. He was one of a handful of people who could have used his clout to stop the disastrous invasion of Iraq, and for whatever reason he didn't do it. History will not judge him kindly. Still, he is hardly a traitor.

It goes to show just how far out of control the conservative noise machine is. While we may find it briefly amusing to watch someone like McCain squirm, it also goes to show how dangerous propaganda is and how virulent reactions can be created by demagogues like Lou Dobbs.

You really have to wonder about those of our fellow citizens who can't comprehend they are simply being used (again!) for political purposes. The immigration "crisis" was ginned up because "God, gays and guns" was no longer enough to secure an election victory. And when this "crisis" passes there will be another hot button issue put out to inflame the conservative base, and they won't get what they want on that issue either.

Guess what, cons, you've been suckered, because the only good you were to the GOP was as people who could be endlessly manipulated. When your extremist ideology bumps up against the reality of corporate profits, guess who's going to win?

So go on, conservatives. Find someone else to hate on, it's what you do best. The public reaction to your views only helps us.

The rest of us know there are better ways to deal with things than hysteria, and you are simply proving that point. I mean really, is there a more disgusting image than a bunch of old white guys standing around screaming that John McCain is a traitor? How pathetic.

Maybe instead of chasing Mexicans out of food processing plants we should be worried about Algeria. But then, I thought conservatives are the only ones who "understand the threat we face." Guess not.

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