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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Atrios hearts Darcy

Wow, it appears Darcy Burner and Atrios got to have a chat.
One highlight of the Take Back America conference was an extended chat I had with Darcy Burner. I actually usually don't like talking to political candidates and certainly don't seek out opportunities to do so. There are a bunch of reasons for that, but the main one is that too many of them, as they're in candidate mode, tend to talk down to you. They don't realize they're doing it, but they can't get past that they're the candidate and you're the potential supporter so conversations end up being like sales pitches.

Burner isn't like that. She's actually capable of holding a normal conversation, and she has a lot of interesting ideas about campaigns and elections.
And Atrios even puts in a link to his ActBlue page, and there's Burner at the top.

Burner clearly earned another shot to run, and NPI is supporting her fully. There's some talk out there about other candidates, and naturally anyone may run for office in a democracy, but I don't see why Burner shouldn't get another crack at Reichert.

My crystal ball has sprung a leak because some moron contractor used a black iron elbow instead of galvanized pipe when the crystal ball was built, but Burner's odds stand to be pretty good in 2008.

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