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Friday, May 04, 2007

Your liberal media strikes again

Glenn Greenwald traces out the GOP connections of, which was one of the co-sponsors of the Reagan-fest last night in Simi Valley.
In addition to his long-time Reagan connections, Politico CEO Frederick Ryan was also (along with Jonathan Bush and Joseph Allbritton) himself a Board Member of Riggs Bank (h/t EJ). And Ryan, in addition to serving as Politico CEO, is also President of Allbritton Communications (a subsidiary of Allbritton Group, Inc., which in turn is a subsidiary of "Perpetual Corporation").
So now it's entirely understandable why the outfit got off to such an "inauspicious" start, as Greenwald puts it. Perhaps the Edwards error was eh, not so much a mistake as wishful thinking? Oopsy-daisy!

Greenwald is relatively careful to give them the benefit of the doubt in some of his post. Which, you know, is fair. It is certainly a theoretical possibility that an Allbritton outfit will practice above-board, fair journalism. The same could be true at News Corp., truth be told. All Murdoch would have to do is go "stop being a bunch of Republican propagandists or you're fired" and voila, problem solved!

The liberal media is on such a roll, if it gets any more liberal we'll have to go get liberal vaccines to protect us from liberal media bias.

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