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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

U.S. companies used melamine in livestock feed

The blog Pet Connections has a post about the revelation today that an American company has been adding melamine to livestock and fish feed. The information was contained in an FDA media conference that was liveblogged by Pet Connection.

There is also an FDA news release. The melamine was apparently used in a binding agent for pellet feed.

The FDA, as usual, says there is no risk to human health.

And then you get this little nugget at the end of the FDA news release:
The Tembec and Uniscope products also reportedly contain a urea formaldehyde resin-type ingredient, a raw ingredient used to make the binding agent in these products. FDA is investigating this use of the urea formaldehyde resin-type ingredient in the Tembec and Uniscope products, and will take appropriate regulatory action if warranted.
Yum! My grammy used to make formaldehyde-resin cookies for us when we came home from school.

No wonder the FDA won't actually do anything about Chinese food imports -- it's not limited to China.

There have been some moves in Congress to address the shortcomings at FDA, but obviously more needs to be done. FDA better get its act together.

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