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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some things you wish you didn't know

You might think The General is making up the existence of something called "Christian Domestic Discipline," which in some quarters might also be known as "domestic violence," although I guess if it's truly consensual then um, adults can play.

I certainly wish The General had made it up. If you google the term "Christian Domestic Discipline" you will find results indicating it may, in fact, exist. Obviously I live a very sheltered existence, and use my spatulas for cooking. Call me old fashioned, even conservative, at least about what I do with my cooking implements.

I bet some of these same folks are worried about a Mormon running for president, because Mormonism is a "cult."

Okay then.

I'll leave it to the professionals to diagnose why people might seek to anoint a BDSM fetish with the imprimatur of religion. Do these people think about anything besides sex, ever? I wish they would stop trying to punish the entire country for their sins, it's really getting old.

But the books look, um, interesting. I wonder if there are bears? On second thought, I truly hope not.

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