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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Self-loathing Romney

Mitt Romney hates himself:
"In the most liberal state in the country," a sinister-sounding narrator intones over the obligatory backdrop of photos of John Kerry and Mike Dukakis, "one Republican stood up, and cut spending instead of raising taxes. He enforced immigration laws, stood up for traditional marriage and the sanctity of human life."
Of course, Romney was pro-choice, except when he wasn't. And as TPM points out, the absurdity of attacking the state you served as governor should be obvious.

Here are the rules: conservatives get to attack entire states and cities, like Massachusetts and San Francisco, whenever and however they want, with whatever vicious lies and stereotypes they wish.

But if someone left of Attila dares to mention say, infant mortality rates in the South, they're engaging in "class warfare."

It goes to show how much work we really have to do. Republicans have been pulling this stuff for so long that nobody even really questions it any more.

If we must attack entire states, I nominate Texas. Sure, there are millions of progressives in Texas who must suffer mightily, but it's much easier to simply dismiss the whole state with some insults.

Texas gave us the child in the White House, so I say they pay for the war. And with a barbeque-type holiday coming up, I must again point out that mesquite is not a wood suitable for smoking meat, but a noxious weed that desperate cowpunchers used when nothing else was available. Real men use hickory. How those football Cowboys doin'? You know why they have artificial turf at Texas Stadium? Take Texas, please. That's no lady, that's Texas. Hello, Texas, I'm trying to reach Mrs. Kisu, first name Ivana. I'm not saying Texas is stupid, but when it hears that it's going to be chilly it gets a bowl...

Makes about as much sense as the Romney campaign. Still no AP articles on his hair, how odd.

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