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Thursday, May 03, 2007

McKay on KCTS Connects

Sorry about the last-minute post (my ISP figured, hey, why provide service today?) but fired US attorney John McKay is scheduled to appear on KCTS Connects in a few minutes (7 pm PDT.) Combined with this stunning Seattle Times article, there's a whole lot of stuff going on. More later.

UPDATE, 7:40 PM PDT: McKay talked on the KCTS program about prosecutorial independence and how important it is that things get fixed, to paraphrase his words. At one point he likened the phone call he got from DOJ official Michael Elston to the kind witnesses might receive from thugs.

McKay referred obliquely to the Thomas Wales matter at one point. Wales was a US attorney who was murdered in Seattle in October of 2001. When asked by host Enrique Cerna if he ever felt pressured by DOJ, McKay cited both the 2004 gubernatorial election and the Wales case in saying he had not felt pressured.

Cerna asked McKay near the end if Gonzales should resign, and McKay rather deferred, saying there were only two people who could make that decision, Gonzales and the president. Asked if he thought he would find out in the end what really happened, McKay said he thought that he would.

Overall, I'm not sure if there was much new information, but I'll review the DVR recording later this evening. Suffice it to say that McKay was adamant that this issue is important because the people must trust the justice system not to insert political motives into prosecutions.

And while I've expressed similar sentiments before, the fact that this administration and some state Republicans would attack John McKay, who is so eloquent and sincere about American ideals, is proof positive that the GOP is currently run by a collection of misfits, morons and criminals. If a guy like that ever ran for state-wide office he would stand a very good chance.

When asked about possible political aspirations by Cerna, McKay kind of brushed it off, saying his current interest is in law and teaching.

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