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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lost weekend to work on my Hillary book

Just a quick check-in here from the French Riviera, where George Soros is holding his annual Memorial Day bash, handing out crisp new hundred dollar bills to all us liberal bloggers (hey, Goldy, put down the microphone for one bleeding second and get me some more Cristal, please!) A guy gets a radio show and now he's too good for everyone, when his Soros money isn't any better than anyone else's.

Anyhoo, light posting from me 'cause I'm also putting the finishing touches on my new Hillary book. The working title is "Hillary: Because We Can."

There's actually nothing new in my book, other than an account I pieced together regarding a 1983 incident in Fayetteville where Hillary made Bill go back to the counter at a Popeye's to get her a Dr. Pepper, when she could have just ordered one in the first place. So you know what that makes her, right? We can't print that word on this blog, but let's just say zeee-oww, old Big Dog sure was on a short leash! I'm not so sure we want a little lady like that with the football, if you fellows know what I mean! Every 28 days and "poof!"

Gotta run, we're hitting the clubs to discuss Li-Lo. Poor kid, she needs to learn a lesson we liberal bloggers learned long ago: hire a driver with your Soros money, honey.

Have a nice weekend.

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