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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Live in Federal Way or Snoqualmie Valley? Don't forget to vote today!

Special elections are being held in two school districts today:
Both the Federal Way and Snoqualmie Valley school districts need a 60 percent "yes" vote and minimum turnout to pass construction bonds.

Election officials predict a 30 percent turnout in the Federal Way School District and a 42 percent turnout in the Snoqualmie Valley School District based on historical trends.

"Early reports from the polls this morning indicate all polls opened on time and voters are trickling in to make their voices heard on these local school measures," said Sherril Huff, director designee for King County Records, Elections and Licensing Services Division. "By tonight we will have counted more than 16,000 mail ballots which represents all ballots received through yesterday’s mail."
If you live in either school district, be sure to mail in your ballot today or go to the polls to cast your vote before 8 PM this evening.

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