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Friday, May 04, 2007

Let me tell you how it will be

Strange little item from Strange Bedfellows:
Fifty-eight percent of Washington voters say taxes are somewhat or very high. That's bad news for Democrats who control the Legislature.

The good news for Dems? The percentage of people who think the tax man's hand is too heavy has been going steadily down in recent years, according to the Elway Poll. Seventy-one percent of respondents said state taxes were too high '03. In '05 that number was 64 percent.
So it's basically good news, good news for Democrats. Or something. Without knowing what the poll was about or whether people were asked about the potential benefits they might receive from say, a college education, it's really hard to judge.

Plus it's an Elway poll. Not sure where the actual cross-tabs might be, because I'm not finding much on the Elway site, but typically they poll over 12 people with a margin of error of 95%.

(People, I kid. It's what I do. John Elway is a great pollster, and he did The Drive against the Browns. Enjoy the lighter side - I wouldn't want to be forced to make jokes about poisoning Supreme Court justices.)

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