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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just keep your mouth shut

Lovely folks they have in this administration.
As the Justice Department struggled in January to suppress embarrassing stories about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, John McKay received an unsolicited telephone call from a senior official named Michael Elston.

It was a strained conversation, according to a written account McKay provided to the House Judiciary Committee that was released Wednesday in advance of a hearing Thursday. According to McKay, Elston, who was chief of staff to the deputy attorney general, advised him in a "sinister" voice to simply repeat public statements from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales when asked about his firing or face serious consequences.

"I greatly resented what I felt Mr. Elston was trying to do: buy my silence by promising that the attorney general would not demean me in his Senate testimony," said McKay, who was fired as the chief federal prosecutor for Western Washington in December. He did not leave office, however, until Jan. 26.
Remember, Karl Rove is a political genius and he brought them to this wonderful place.

What a mastermind! Nobody else in political history has ever come up with the brilliant idea of running a government like a bunch of two-bit thugs. Truly inspired. If the trains ran on time we would really have something.

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