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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Islamofascist Dawn

For devotees of truly terrible movies, AMC is running Red Dawn, so because we know these are tough, tough times for our conservative friends, we thought they'd like a heads up. Just pretend the Russians are "Islamofascists" or Democrats and sit back and enjoy.
Set sometime in the not too distant future, Red Dawn is the story about teenagers who must defend their small Midwestern town against a WWIII communist invasion. Forgoing a nuclear attack, the Soviets and Cubans select U.S. targets and then launch a ground invasion.
Look, if Patrick Swayze doesn't fight we're all speaking Sandinista right now.

Note to US Freedom Fighters of the Not So Distant Future: stand behind the boulder when firing at the Russian/Islamofascist helicopter, then it won't blow you to bits.

Geography question: if they got to Colorado, what does that say about the men of Texas?

Also, when we are invaded by Russian Islamofascists in helicopters, all US headgear will be destroyed, so the Freedom Fighters of the Not So Distant Future (especially Charlie Sheen) will have to wear a combination of Mongolian garb and 1930's football helmets.

So conservatives, stock up on ammo and golf hats.

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