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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In Brief - May 8th, 2007

Here is today's quick news digest:
  • The French have elected a conservative as president, just as Britain's ousted Prime Minister is stepping off the world stage and clambering down from Bush's lap. A number of French citizens responded to Sarkozy's victory by lighting celebratory fires in people's cars.
  • Libertarian Ron Paul apparently "won" the Republican presidential debate. His twin brother, the Cryptkeeper, remains unconvinced.
  • According to newly surfaced tax records, Rudy Giuliani once donated money to Planned Parenthood. Some Republicans are thinking of urging him to abort his campaign for the presidency.
  • Six incredibly stupid terrorists videotaped themselves practicing to kill U.S. troops, went into a shop and tried to have it copied to DVD. They have been arrested. Expect the White House to attempt to spin this into an argument for the existence of their illegal domestic spying programs.
  • The administration has told 35,000 American soldiers that they will be sent to Iraq by the end of the year. The continuous deployments are severely straining the Army's resources.
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