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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Four Horsemen of the Neocons

Recently I posted on these integrity-challenged gentlemen, and I thought an update might be in order:

They're still hanging on: Gonzales, Wolfowitz, Renzi, and Doolittle.

Gonzales, by three or four amnesiac episodes; Wolfowitz by a spit-soaked comb; and Renzi and Doolittle by dint of comparative obscurity.

Last week, Alberto Gonzales smarmed himself through more testimony as Congresswoman Maxine Waters and others verbally whacked the bejeezus out of him and left his threadbare credibility swinging from the mast of the sinking Justice Department.

I can't imagine this ending well for him or the Justice Department, but that doesn't seem to bother him, the President, Tony Snow, or anybody in the administration. Seemed to irritate this Comey fella, though. Huh. But Gonzales remains steadfast in his ability to avoid the truth and the President has his full support.

Same with Paul Wolfowitz, who, as of this afternoon, was said to be negotiating with officials at the World Bank the terms of his resignation in such a way that both parties can save face. In other words, he won't go willingly, so the Bank is offering to word his ouster in such a way that spreads blame to both sides. Whatever works.

For Renzi and Doolittle, there have been no real changes. I vaguely recall something about some indignance over the charges and a vow to fight from both of them. Time will tell there, too.

Strangely enough, ran a piece this afternoon insinuating that Wolfowitz and Gonzales were a sign that politics might be turning sour in the USA. Gee, ya think?

But we can hope that if Wolfowitz is gone by daybreak tomorrow or shortly thereafter, maybe the other three will follow suit, in a fit of conscience. Maybe. Stranger things have happened. But it can't happen fast enough.

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