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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Conservative losers

Hey, here's a fun idea. The Campaign for America's Future is having a Failure of Conservatism Conference.
At the Failure of Conservatism Conference -- May 3 in Washington, D.C. -- some of the progressive movement’s leading thinkers will show why conservatism cannot be made better by competent leadership; competent conservatism, in fact, would be an even worse deal for the American people. Advancing that argument effectively is essential to reshaping the political debate and taking advantage of the new opportunities for progressive change.
I'm sure C-SPAN will abandon Holy Joe Lieberman and his civility in order to cover this conference.

The people hate the occupation of Iraq, and they know the right wing agenda is responsible for it. It can't feel good to be a conservative these days. Please tell us more about civility, spending and taxes and guns. You were so smart and nice, what happened? I used to understand you, conservatives. You changed.

Now get out and leave the key.

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