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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clark growth plan moving forward

The Oregonian reports that the process to scuttle the 2004 Clark County growth plan is nearing fruition:
Clark County is nearing, ever so carefully, adoption of a new 20-year Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.

The latest plan, under construction for about three years, will be reviewed at two public open houses next week and in a public hearing June 5-6 before the Board of Clark County Commissioners and the county planning commission.

The county is complying with the state Growth Management Act and is preparing for a nearly 50 percent population growth over the next two decades: from 391,500 in 2005 to a projected 584,300 in 2024.
Well, they're complying with the letter of GMA anyhow.

What I don't understand is why anyone still calls it a "20 year growth plan," when it's so obviously a "three year growth plan" and one possible outcome of the current process is that it becomes a "one year growth plan." The process is pretty simple for developers: buy some land just outside the UGB, then claim the existing growth plan is "unrealistic" and support politicians who will share that view. Rinse, repeat.

Meanwhile, schoolkids and ordinary folks who just want to get home from work to see those schoolkids are left holding the bag with lesser services and higher taxes. At which point the Republicans come in and claim it's all the Democrats' fault. Brilliant.

It couldn't have been designed this way, but it's the perfect symbiotic relationship between BIAW and the GOP.

Anyone who dares to point out the massive deficits in transportation needs or all the little kiddies spending their school careers in trailers is an "extremist," and there's always a way around GMA anyhow by lowering traffic concurrency standards, which has happened repeatedly over the years in both Vancouver and Clark County. And as soon as a moratorium is lifted some kind outfit like Wal-Mart swoops in and uses up the capacity again.

It's actually all quite hilarious in a way, except when you're sitting at the stoplights in Salmon Creek, at which point it just seems stupid.

And remember, light rail is evil, because it's "social engineering," as opposed to blowing out the UGB's, which is just good business sense, even if it creates massive amounts of new congestion and all the attendant ills that come with it.

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