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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another brick in the wall

A while back David Postman mentioned next month's international right-wing love fest in Vancouver, cryptically called Convergence Northwest, which is going to feature conservative Knesset member and ex-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Amusingly, Postman found out by asking why the heck the Republicans were listening to Pink Floyd in caucus, and it turned out, according to Postman, that it was a pitch for this conference. Way back when, listening to Pink Floyd was considered a warning sign of depression by counselors and up-tight parental unit types, so make of that what you wish.

The Columbian previewed the conference yesterday:
Participants include Brig. Gen. Elihu Ben-Onn; writer and lecturer Brigitte Gabriel; and Knesset members Limor Livnat, Arieh Eldad and Yuval Steinitz. Local leaders include Robert Horenstein, columnist for the Portland Jewish Review; and Charlie Schiffman, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Portland.
The Columbian seems to have left out at least one name, strangely enough, who is mentioned both by Convergence Northwest and by Postman on April 18th.

Somehow the local paper managed to not mention Clark County's own Joseph Zarelli, state senator from the 18th District. Zarelli was heavily involved in planning the conference, or so he seems to have told Postman.

And you thought this was just a nice, genteel conference to help poor Israel. Oh, my friend, you must understand the convergence between right-wing Israel and right-wing America, and more to the point, the convergence of right wing Judaism with right wing Christianity.

And what better place than Clark County? As long as nobody gets uppity and starts a War on Christmas or something, it'll be great. If I give a Jew my money for presents, he better damn well tell me Merry Christmas, even in June.

One scheduled attendee only briefly mentioned in yesterday's Columbian article is Brigitte Gabriel of the American Congress for Truth, whose views Postman described this way:
Gabriel was born in Lebanon and raised as a Christian. After 9-11 she started ACT to help America "win the war against Islamofascism" and to battle the "political correctness" she thinks hurts that fight.
Has anyone other than hardcore right-wingers even used the term "political correctness" since 1988? Talk about the straw man to end all straw men. And what about the Christo-fascists, who is fighting them? Oh, yeah, um, right. Never mind.

However, truth be told, the American Congress for Truth web site is truly special. Colbert would dig it -- a lot. You can practically hear that eagle scream.

But there's another invited guest The Columbian failed to mention: Holy Joe Lieberman.
9:00am - 4:00pm: General Session
Welcome: WA State Senator Joseph Zarelli (Senator Joseph Lieberman invited)
Wow, that would be super! Wonder why The Columbian didn't mention such an awesome idea? I sure hope Lieberman shows up, because it would be a shame if people concluded the conference was mostly about building a stronger political alliance between American conservatives and Israeli conservatives.

As everyone knows, the Lieberman for Lieberman Party is very liberal when it comes to matters involving Lieberman.

There's one other unanswered question about the conference, of course. Who is paying for all this? I bet Bibi and Joe don't travel or speak cheaply.

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