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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ban Chinese protein additives now

Goldy had another outstanding post yesterday concerning melamine from China in the food supply. Go check it out if you get the chance.

Imports of these protein additives from China need to be stopped at once. If that disrupts the food supply somewhat, so be it. We can live without frozen pizza and a lot of other overly processed foods for a while.

While many people in the US are worrying about how they could be a hero and pack heat in case a lunatic with a gun ever enters their basement to threaten the Cheetos stash, or that al-Qaeda in Iraq will follow them to the Ozarks, every single day we are importing a potential poison to feed to our pets and children.

And of course, the one time we could actually use some cable-news induced media hysteria to move this topic to the fore, the cable channels are all logical and dispassionate about it. When they mention it. What we need is for melamine to attack some surfers or grope a white woman in a nightclub.

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